(It is having fun each day,Helping people in every possible way, It is sharing, loving & giving,
And it is having the pleasure of Living..!)


Happiness is a lighten up place in your heart. That can get effected in many ways.One way is
sadness,Second way is depression,Third way is stress, Forth way is plan out all of them, But everyone can beat that. Let sadness, Depression, and stress or all of them get you down
Always think of the good things in your life. When you are in one of these feelings.


Be tough and swim your way out, It may be as hard as if you are caught in a big ocean wave
Or it may be as easy as if you are swimming out of a lake. But either way be tough, Cause you will get back up to being happy again. Happiness is a way to show every body that is around
You that you are very happy with what is going on around you It is also a feeling that every body likes to be in.


And when you are in it you wish that everyone could be that way every day.And that is not a bad thing
Because if you look at it this way If you were happy all the time. Then you would not know what other feelings felt like. Like sadness for example. If you did not know how sadness felt. Then you would not know how much you love or care about that person or thing. Happiness is a very hard thing to keep
But everyone can do it if they really want to have happiness.


Happiness takes everything that you do or think and makes it even better then you expected it to be.
Happiness even helps you to stay healthily it just gives you a very nice feeling that your health is just so happy as well that sometimes dont feel that you are sick.
So, you see happiness is a strong feeling And it is a nice feeling to have


But remember if you did not have Other feelings then how would you know how much you love or care about that person Or that thing. And it even makes you relies how much you love yourself
Happiness is a good thing to have and a nice feeling, But it would not be a good thing to have all the time because then you would not know how much you love other people or things.


Now would you?


HAPPINESS is a great feeling.




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